Our Camper Van

It had been a few years since Danni The Tranny had decided to rust more quickly than we could keep up with and was passed on to someone keener / more capable, and we were keen to get another van.


Danni the Tranny

Danni The Tranny

Our new van would Ideally have a fixed bed, room to store at least two bikes inside and travel seats for two. It should also be a convenient size for parking at home and using as a 'daily driver' if needs be.

Late in 2017 we took a trip to the motorhome show at the NEC to find our perfect van and came to the conclusion that there wasn't anything commercially available that met all of our requirements - certainly not within our price range.

I was convinced that what we wanted was possible, so we decided to do our own conversion. It is based on a L2H2 (medium wheelbase) Citroen Relay, is 5.4m long and has all the bits we wanted:


New camper van

Load area and storage





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