Acoustic Guitar Build

Binding Results

So how did it come out?

With the exception of a few self inflicted, faults: Very, very well!

Somehow I’d managed to catch the edge of the purfling channel on the top with the router cutter. I’m not quite sure how I managed it, but the mains lead on the router did snag on something at one point, so I presume it stems from that.


I hadn’t trimmed the end of the treble side binding back quite carefully enough, so it left a small gap next to the purfling where the two pieces of binding join:


Most annoyingly, I had managed to dig a fingernail deep into the top when pressing the tape down:


I managed to plug the binding faults with little slivers of spruce and titebond and am pleased that after sanding back, my eye is no longer drawn to them. Hopefully they won’t stand out too much under finish, but even if they do, I’m happy to live with that.


I did try to steam the nail mark out, but it didn’t make much difference. I’m reluctant to try and fill it with sawdust, because I think it could end up more noticeable. I guess it will have to stay there to please the gods.

Other than that, all the glue lines were nice and tight and everything came out much better than I could have hoped.

I freely admit to not knowing  what I was doing when I ordered the binding and purfling, but I really like the way its starting to look:


It almost looks like one from a real guitar shop!