Acoustic Guitar Build

Heel Cap & End Pin

Heel Cap

Making the neck heel cap was one of those jobs that just took much longer than I was expecting.

The cap was made from a scrap of maple which matched the maple binding on the body. I found it very fiddly to get it to fit well against the body, but eventually I was happy.

I fitted the neck and glued the oversized cap on in-situ to keep the joint to the body tight, then carefully removed the neck to stop it getting glued to the body:


Carving it to shape was OK and I was pleased with the eventual fit, but wish that the glue lines weren’t quite so obvious.


End pin

I also decided to mark and drill a hole for the end pin at this stage (it will need to be reamed out after the body is finished). To discourage tear out, I used a length of wood (the one in the photo) to support the inside of the end tail block as I drilled the hole.


Sneaky preview

I couldn’t resist putting it all together to get an idea of how the finished item might look: