Acoustic Guitar Build

Locating the Bridge

I wanted to locate the bridge before I finished the top so that I could mask off the location to keep it clear of finish.

First, the bottom of the bridge needed to be sanded to match the curve of the top:


Then some very careful measuring, checking, and checking again was needed to try and set the bridge in the correct(?) place. The saddle needs to be the correct distance from the nut on the neck for the correct scale length and intonation, with the bridge square to the centre line. The side to side location of the bridge should also (ideally) be central on the body, but it’s more critical that it matches the line of the neck.


The side to side position was double checked using string lines:


Then it was squeaky bum time as I drilled into the top through the outer two peg holes in the bridge.


(^Dramatic reconstruction – I didn’t try and take a photo while I was doing it!).

I held the clamping caul (that I’d made before closing the box) under the bridge plate while drilling to try and avoid tear-out, and it seemed to work.

These holes will be used for dowels to align the bridge with the body when it is finally glued down.


Time will tell whether the holes are in the right place.